How Non-Profit Organizations Benefit From Using CRM Solutions

Customer relationship management software is used every day to help streamline and enhance the customer relationship between company and clients. One specific area which highly benefits from the use of a custom designed CRM Software Solution is the Non-Profit or Charitable industry.

According to recent survey, it was estimated that worldwide there were over 4.5 million charitable foundations which based on individual country rules and regulations, provide their services and operate as not-for-profit businesses. The main goal of these organizations is to provide a service or a solution to a problem in the countries in which they are based or abroad. However, just like a business, each Non-Profit Organization has customers, vendors, partners, sponsors, and media contacts in which they communicate with daily. And like any standard business, their economic success is directly related to the way in which they communicate with the people and resources that provide them with funding in which to operate.

Organize and Manage Donation Requests

The most crucial part of any Non-Profit industry is generating donations to support their cause. Using CRM Software allows the charity to:

  • Organize Donations and Requests for charitable funding
  • Process Recurring Donations and Notify Donors of fund raising activities
  • Process Auto-Payments
  • Match Donors with partnering business contacts who are like minded and can provide donors and sponsoring companies with a good return on their investment
  • Allow unlimited storage for contact names, phone numbers and addresses
  • Track and manage all online and offline financial and donations

This streamlines the donation process and also can minimize the amount of support needed in order to successfully run the non-profit. However, running a non-profit still requires a long list of volunteers who need to be managed. CRM Software can assist in this area by:

  • Assigning volunteers specific duties and points of contacts
  • Tracking the hours and dates the services need to be provided
  • Monitoring the hours worked by volunteers per each specific program
  • Logging volunteer work availability and areas of expertise
  • Matching volunteers to specific jobs based on multiple criteria such as experience, availability and knowledge.

As you can see, there are multiple positive attributes a quality CRM Software Solution can provide the Non-Profit Industry. The biggest advantage is that when non-profits use a CRM Solution, the majority of the funding they receive can be used to help solve the problems they are dedicated to help. This will provide donors with more confidence in the non-profit industry and ultimately help make the world a better place to live.

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